5 Practical tips and tricks for playing the City Mania


 City Mania is one of the exciting games developed by Gameloft for Android and iOS platforms. Here the player will meet with several characters. In this game, the gamer needs to build the best city with several unique aspects. Moreover, you have the chance to select the characters for making a perfect family.

For making the game entertaining the players need to collect the currencies and resources. Through this, one can use cash for upgrading and unlocking some characters. The cash is a kind of currency, which is essential for the City Mania.

Tips and tricks

1.          As the player will log-in the game, the first thing which they need to do is to collect all the resources. Here the user needs to utilize the time as much as it can be possible.

2.          Build some building and try to earn the cash. There is no need to worry; one can easily make all the aspects complete.

3.          Make a design of placing the buildings; it means to try to make a rough map and then place the building.

4.          Expend the city as much as you can. For this, you need to collect the essential things and provide more facility to the people. You can take the help of bizzies of making this aspect possible.

5.          If you earn the population goals, then you can easily earn some resources.

Thus, these are some essential tips that help in playing the game effectively. Through this, you have the chances to win.